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Achieve Training & Coaching offers a unique coaching experience unlike the majority of programs out there. The training you’ll receive is comprehensive and takes a multi-faceted approach to help you reach your true potential. Apart from specific and efficient on-the-bike training, athletes can see huge gains from strength training, skills building, mental toughness tools, nutrition counseling and a supportive community of fellow athletes. Open communication is an important aspect of the program and helps fortify the athlete/coach relationship for future success.

Hi Ryan….Under your coaching, I’ve grown tremendously as both an athlete and a person.  I am so honored to have you as a coach, mentor and friend and forever thankful for your guidance in helping me revive my cycling spirit and achieve dreams I never thought possible…….Thank you again, Ryan. You rock! Let’s keep it rolling! – Jim

After my first year of racing, I was looking to take things to the next level, and was lucky to get in touch with Dana at Achieve. To be honest, I had some reservations about my own ability to follow a training plan and stay focused on cycling. What struck me from the get-go was that in our initial interview, Dana was asking very insightful questions about my goals, needs, expectations, and lifestyle. There was no cookie-cutter plan that he was just going to hand to me. Once I signed up, I was doubly lucky to be assigned to work with coach Sofi Marin. So far, Sofi has guided me with incredible skill, juggling my life and cycling challenges. She is a successful racer with lots of experience in the local racing scene. Her race-specific knowledge and advice is invaluable. Her training plan has boosted my fitness and racing skills, and has given me the confidence I need to reach my goals. – Claudia Campazzo

Dana has the racing experience combined with coaching knowledge to make you faster and win more races.  The tactical advice and race specific planning he has done with me have worked wonders.  His training plans are focused and customized to my daily schedule.  An awesome guy and an awesome coach! – Alex Lockwood

I worked with Dana last year when I decided to attempt the Leadville 100 MTB race to celebrate turning 50. I had never done anything over 5 hours before so was unsure about how to train. Dana designed a custom program for me and worked closely with me for 10 months and as a result, I was able to reach my goal of sub 10 hours. – Lionel Conacher

Life can get in the way of training and vice versa. Ryan has helped me keep focus despite all the inevitable obstacles you encounter when you’re trying to get faster. He’s helped me as much with the mental aspect of training and racing as the physical. He’s helped keep my workouts fresh and interesting and has tailored them to my sporadic schedule. Most importantly, he listens to me and my goals, like enjoying riding my bike. Happy watts are a lot easier than sad watts as he says. – Ryan Rinn

Dana provides programs that are detailed, easy to follow, and get results. He motivates, encourages and focuses on things like nutrition and goal setting that many other coaches miss. Dana is professional, not only understanding what to do to make it to the top, but also how to coach others to the top. – James Clifford, Middlebury College NCAA Division I Ski Team

I would just like to say that if anyone is considering getting a coach for the 2013 season, please do yourself a huge favor and consider Dana.   Not only does the guy have the perfect bedside manner to be a successful amateur cycling coach, but he’s extremely thorough and nuanced in his approach, really spelling out the potential gains you are likely to make when you follow his plan.   Granted, it’s been a short time, but I’m impressed. – R Cogan, Fusion Sport 

“Whatever your goals, from increasing riding skills to expert racing, I can’t recommend Dana and his approach more strongly!  Achieve bases each person’s training program on a scientifically proven training regime, customized for the individual’s skills and goals; Dana explains in detail each stage, it’s purpose and importance, and provides regular custom feedback and updates. The program is further enhanced with specific guidance in nutrition, hydration, cross-training and other factors that may effect performance tailored to each individual/plan and taking into account personal goals and lifestyles. The Lecture Series, training clinics, group rides and social events complete the program and make Achieve a great program and community!” – J. Sanders



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